Bridelan | Zai + Phil
Based in Mumbai, Bridelan is a boutique bridal styling company that offers personal shopping, fashion styling and luxury consultancy services for South Asian and Indian weddings.
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Zai + Phil

San Gregorio, California

A Portrait of an Artist

August, 2018

Zai Divecha is an artist, an out-of-the-box thinker and creator. Her 2018 California wedding was highly nonconformist and enigmatically indie. Zai is among Bridelan’s most unorthodox all brides. With her pixie hair, gamine charms and fierce intellect, she’s Audrey Tautou-cute. Her husband Phil Reyneri is an artist, too. The wedding was curated like a dream. The couple opted for the theme glamping in California. “Outdoorsy, nature festival with a little Indian glam thrown in,” as visualised by Zai. The 181 guests camped out in tents set up by Shelter & Co. There was Bollywood music and bohemian fun amidst Indian and American motifs and a genuine reverence for nature. Unlike couples who never enjoy their own wedding and only hardly manage to squeeze in pleasantries with guests, Zai and Phil spent meaningful time to have conversations with friends. As far as weddings go, this was groundbreaking in its simplicity, elegance and the idea of marriage as friendship of the heart and mind. 

“When two artists fall in love and decide to get married, you can expect it to be nothing short of a creative journey”. Said Vogue India in their print and online story about Zai & Phil’s wedding.

Bridelan, India

Kindred Wedding Storytellers, California

Shark Pig, Los Angeles

Sabyasachi, India

Advani London

La Bijouterie, San Francisco

This is a special moment. We are featured on the well-regarded American 
Martha Stewart Weddings blog and the wedding that got us there,
Zai Divecha’s highly nonconformist and enigmatically
indie nuptials that Bridelan is proud to have styled

Nisha Kundnani, Founder & Creative Director of Bridelan

“We like to go camping and backpacking on weekends, and we’re often reminded of how nature can be such a good backdrop for bringing relationships into focus.”

Groom Phil Reyneri to Vogue India

Kind Words

“We live in California, and had just five days in Mumbai to figure out my daughter’s wedding. There were several events over multiple days, so the outfits we wanted included for the bride and groom, myself and my husband, for mother-of-the-groom, my sister and friends and then she custom-designed some outfits for young attendees who are close friends. The scale of this job was one feat, but the quality of engagement overall was the real added value. I’m a psychologist, and I’m sensitive to relationships, so I say this with careful consideration. Nisha has a rare ability to feel into a person, to see what it is that is to be expressed about the person through the choice of garments and overall aesthetics. And Nisha read each one of us, as individuals, accurately. 

While shopping, we were joyful as well as stressed (imagine our time pressure), but Nisha remained unflappably calm and pleasant, guiding us smoothly from shop to shop. She never over-rode our preferences, yet she gracefully steered us clear of mistakes we might have otherwise made. She is well-loved and respected by vendors, and they went out of their way for her. She is elegance and refinement in action. She is so steeped in the world of textiles and jewels and accessories that she has a deep sense of quality and the integrity of workmanship, and she sidesteps the superficial, trendy, and flashy unless it is intentional and tastefully done. And yet she can be playful if that’s what is called for.”

Diana Divecha, mother of the bride on hiring Bridelan’s services

Crafting elegant styles with a contemporary Indian language. Services, personal shoppers, fashion stylists and luxury consultants for South Asian weddings.