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The story, values and purpose that define us.

Who we are

The brain behind Bridelan, Nisha Kundnani is a former fashion editor, Bollywood stylist and art writer who combines over a decade of fashion styling and journalism (since 2004) experience along with her keen eye for aesthetics and craftsmanship. Ex-fashion editor for Marie Claire India magazine and a personal stylist to stars like Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma and Shraddha Kapoor, Nisha has built a credible reputation for herself alongside nurturing connections with India’s leading designers who, since Bridelan’s inception, have lent their support and fostered creative collaborations.


Nine years ago, Nisha dreamed a little dream: to turn wedding styling into her life goal and opted to make real people (and not celebrities) her muse. As a stylist, she’s seeking for meaning in aspects of beauty that is deeper and richer than the sum of its appearance. She’s a thinking woman’s friend during the wedding journey and offers unconditional love and care. Refinement and a celebration of Indian and global culture are her favourite parts of designing a wedding look for a bride. Her personal flair for styling is bold and elegant with a strong contemporary flavour. Her vast knowledge of Indian design, clothing traditions and an innate understanding of craft makes her and Bridelan an important voice in the Indian fashion industry.


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What we do

Since its launch in 2014, Bridelan has grown to become a much loved and respected wedding styling service for South Asian and Indian origin brides living in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. It’s a unique and one of its kind bridal studio that offers fashion styling, personal shopping and luxury consultancy to global and discerning clients. Whether you are from LA, SF or Toronto, we work across global timelines for both our brides who visit India or are unable to do so for their wedding shopping. Wary of automation, as much as we love the Internet we are the opposite of an e-commerce platform.


At Bridelan, you can communicate with a real person who will meet your styling needs. In that respect, we remain firmly old-school and believe shopping for the wedding dress is a real time experience conducted by an intimate family or friend. Dabbling in fashion, digging out unique finds and keeping up with new designs, we provide a wholesome experience in crafting a style legacy that ultimately belongs to the bride and groom. Yet, sometimes, it goes beyond the personal taste and teamwork. As Diana Divecha, one of our esteemed clients, put it, “You touched us in so many ways, brought so much into our lives, by who you are and how you see.”


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In fine print. Published features and editorials


In fine print. Published features and editorials