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Prableen + Nirusan

Oslo, Norway

Love is the Answer  

September 2020 

When we think of ‘goals,’ we imagine them as part of the idea of attachment and the road ahead ending at happiness. The pandemic brought me close to our bride Prableen Kaur from Norway who we shopped for and styled in extraordinary circumstances in September 2020 with just three months of shopping time during Covid, even as India was under strict lockdown. Like everyone else, she had big plans for her wedding but in the end, it was small and meaningful with only 11 guests. She was even quarantined for a Covid scare at some point while prepping for her wedding. But what matters to her was she felt extremely grateful for marrying Nirusan. In doing so, she met her one of her life goals. A leap of faith, as it were. Both are born in Norway but to different ethnicities. Prableen is a Sikh whereas Nirusan is raised by Hindu parents from Sri Lanka with Tamil background. The couple celebrated this diversity with aplomb. Prableen recited a kirtan at the function, one of her favourite childhood activities. Although a small wedding, they should be credited for pulling off great details and flourishes that makes it a ‘God of Small Weddings.’

At the wedding, Prableen was a sight of pure sensibility. She’s a Sikh who proudly wears a turban, usually a male enclave. It serves as both a way of life and a symbol of personal faith for her. In a rare minimalist Sabyasachi silk lehenga, Prableen looked striking while Nirusan aced a Sabyasachi sherwani. A lot of work was put into choosing outfits that reflected their different personalities. We helped planned their outfits through WhataApp and Facetime, shopping for Prableen during one of the most difficult times in the history of human life, at least in our lifetime. Physically, we were restricted but virtually, we gave Prableen unconditional love. As she says, “Without Nisha, we would never be able to have the wedding we wanted and in such a short time.” All we can say is, ‘We love and respect you, Prableen.’

Bridelan, India

Nina & Joachim, Norway

Pearls & Petals, Norway

Sabyasachi, India

Sabyasachi, India

Gevir, Norway

“Gravity is love and every turn is a leap of faith.

Warren Miller

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.”

Anthony Brandt 

Ek onkar satnam kartapurakh Nirbhau nirvair akaal moorat Ajooni saibhang

Guru parsad jap aad sach jugaad sach Hai bhi sach nanak hose bhi sach

(Translation in English:

 One Universal Creator God. The Name Is Truth.

Creative Being Personified. No Fear. No Hatred.

Image Of The Undying,

Beyond Birth, Self-Existent.

By Guru’s Grace) 

“Sometimes you realize that true love in its absolute

form has many purposes in life.” 

The NY Times, Modern Love series 



“I shopped for my bridal outfits at a time when none of the stores were even open in India. It says something about how powerful Nisha is, but also what kind of network she has built up and that the designers trust her despite very challenging times. We would never, never be able to get the clothes we wanted in such a short time without Nisha. She quality-assured everything in every way, gone to the store and looked at things for us, helped us choose accessories and colours. One thing I really appreciate is that Nisha has a vast experience in shopping and styling for all types of people of all body types.” 

“Although we have done everything over mobile, she knows which colours will look good and which accessories will be the best fit. And though she’s an experienced professional she always listened to me. If I was uncertain about something or thought we should have done something in a certain way, she listened to me. That way I have felt that I can trust Nisha. She understood me and suggested vital creative solutions when things seemed hopeless.”

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