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Luxe for life

Muscat, Oman

A Mountain Elopement

March 2020 

At Bridelan, we’ve always championed the small, intimate and meaningful wedding style. For us, scale doesn’t matter as much as passion and intensity does. Little did we know that Covid-19 will impact weddings in such a way that it will transform the whole wedding concept. Hence, it’s uncanny and purely coincidental that right before the pandemic struck we explored the idea of an elopement in Muscat’s Green Mountains. The surreal Omani desert mountains were dressed up in love and joy, the harsh but beautiful Arabic sun played hide and seek through the day while we jazzed up the fictitious bride-to-be in one of East Asia’s most beloved and respected Pakistani fashion designers, Faraz Manan. A trailing baby pink gharara skirt with couture embroidery blended with the soft romantic sunset of Oman. Krupa, one of Oman’s Indian-origin planners and designers conjured up décor, marrying flower arrangements in roses, eucalyptus and pampas to add the wild edge.

The highlight was the sun dappling against a beautiful white wedding dress by star designer Yousuf Al Jasmi. The Mumbai-based Renu Oberoi luxury brand was our jewellery partner. They flew down to Oman with the finest bridal high jewellery in emeralds and diamonds making it a first, one-of-its-kind, international jewellery collaboration for Bridelan. 

The stunning photos are a testament to the fact that God often laughs at us when we make grand plans and so we must live in the moment and cherish nature’s gifts — the sun, mountains and the surrealism of the universe. 

“Beauty itself is but the sensible image of the infinite”

Francis Bacon

As you awaken, you will come to understand that the journey of love isn’t about finding ‘the one’

The journey of love is about becoming ‘the one’.

Surrealism found a new definition for me when we discovered

the infinite vastness of the desert mountains of Oman.

Nisha Kundnani, founder Bridelan

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