Bridelan | California Dreaming
Based in Mumbai, Bridelan is a boutique bridal styling company that offers personal shopping, fashion styling and luxury consultancy services for South Asian and Indian weddings.
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California Dreaming

Santa Ynez, California

Fall is a feeling ~ Elopement Editorial

August 2019

California is a recurring theme in our work. This time, we carry along a little bit of Bollywood to create a romantic mood matched to the Golden state’s dreamy desert setting. I always thought Southern California is all palm trees and pristine beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica. But just a few hours’ drive away are the rolling hills of Santa Ynez, close to Santa Barbara, that remind you of Italian countryside. It’s very much the beautiful California with a unique vibe. The one that became a perfect canvas for an Indian girl clad in a glamorous sari, lehenga, jewellery, holding the most elegant flowers and offering words of love to a man from the dream city.

“Individuality will always be one of the conditions of real elegance.”

Christian Dior

“California where the spring comes in the fall and the fall comes in the summer and the summer comes in the winter and the winter never comes at all.”

Inez Haynes Irwin

“I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”

Claude Monet

Crafting styles that are elegant and have a contemporary Indian language. Services, personal shoppers, fashion stylists and luxury consultants for South Asian weddings.