Bridelan | Ghare Baire
Based in Mumbai, Bridelan is a boutique bridal styling company that offers personal shopping, fashion styling and luxury consultancy services for South Asian and Indian weddings.
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Ghare Baire

Calcutta, India

The Home & The World ~ Editorial Part II

January 2019

Life’s small gifts: I make at least a couple of work trips to Calcutta every year. Even though Mumbai is home, there is this fond attachment with the City of Joy that doesn’t seem to wear off that easily. One lazy afternoon when I landed (that auspicious time in Calcutta when, doubtless, most Bengalis are fast asleep), there was grey cast. I was passing through the Mirza Ghalib street and then Chowringhee and Espalanade (in an Uber because I like to look out for the yellow Ambassadors zipping by). And that was a moment when I decided I must return to Calcutta to make it my muse. The city gives me a lump in the throat, from its crumbling architecture and music and culture to the faces you see on the streets.

Presenting ‘Ghare Baire: The Home & The World’, a small black and white suite of photographs styled and produced by Bridelan, shot in my beloved city. The title is an inspiration from one of Rabindranath Tagore’s novels. For me, it stands as a metaphor for East and West, for home and the world. It’s a humble attempt at finding beauty beneath the chaos. There are two muses, the grand old lady – Calcutta of the British raj and model Helloise Cunha from Brazil who has made India her home and loves every minute of being here. 

Bridelan, India

Calcutta, India

Devang Vyas, Mumbai

“Calcutta is like a work of modern art that neither makes sense nor has utility, but exists for some esoteric aesthetic reason.”

Amit Chaudhuri

“I mix Indian instruments with western instruments all the time.”

Satyajit Ray

Editorial, fashion, styling and consultancy for contemporary brands.