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Every bride has a personal style. Where we come in is to help her refine and help her construct that look. This individualistic look is designed after a careful study of the bride’s personal taste and sensibility. Only after an intimate understanding of your personality and requirements that we design a complete mood-board with the fervent aim of turning your expectations into a reality on the wedding day. The need for a bridal stylist has never been as dire or acute as it is today.

Time was when family members indulged the bride, and spent endless trips to boutiques and designer stores, giving heartfelt advise from all quarters. Today, the bride needs objective opinion from a fashion stylist. A tastemaker, a professional aesthetic director who she can count on. Someone who’s visualising the look keeping the bride as the focus and the star of the sacred event.  The need for a professional arrives also because a bride is more tuned into herself with the proximity of her phone and the digital presentation of numerous designer collections. A modern and discerning bride is forever glued to her Instagram. She is following the latest fashion and bridal collections and understands the difference a stylist can make to her wedding look. Hiring a personal stylist is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. For all the top dollars spent on planning and executing the wedding, in the end what matters most to the couple is how they looked and felt about themselves at the Big Day.

Personal Shoppers Services

A personalised service where the overwhelming task of wedding shopping is made easy. If you live and work in the United States, Canada or the UK and don’t have time to visit India because of your work schedule or any other reasons, Bridelan offers a one-on-one shopping service for the bride, the groom and the respective families. The connect is that we are stationed in India to do all your work, our clients are all based outside India which is why a service like Bridelan comes handy to many brides. Stationed in Mumbai, India, our expert team of stylists help you pick the wedding outfits for all your key bridal events like mehndi, sangeet, pheras and make sure to deliver your wedding trousseau to your country of residence on time.

How does Personal Shopper Service work?

A personal shopper is someone whose job is to shop, to be physically present with the bride and groom while they shop at the boutiques and designer stores. We thereby then offer complimentary service of follow-ups and all the communications are centralised to your one point contact, Bridelan.


To craft your wedding look piece by piece, the exercise needs personalised attention and sound understanding of Indian clothing, traditions, craftsmanship and overall fashion knowledge. One needs the aid of a professional to conduct the above shopping expedition as these decisions are going to be one of the most personal and highly important choices to make.


There are two types of communication – one that is conducted in the virtual world – email, text, WhatsApp and phone calls. It’s followed up with realtime virtual trips to the actual boutiques and stores to show you the clothes, on FaceTime, Skype and video calls. Every detail is discussed in detail and ideas are tossed around with Nisha’s personal recommendations, touch and involvement.


When you visit India to shop:


You book our services for the number of days you require, depending on the scope of work and how much you need to shop. We are physically present with you at all times guiding you from one store to another, helping you take creative decisions. We prepare your shopping itinerary for the day, book appointments and samples for you to try in advance and ensure a smooth flow of substantial shopping. Eventually, it is our top priority to help you achieve your shopping goals.


When you don’t visit India to shop:


At Bridelan we offer a personalised service of shopping on your behalf for the wedding with a thorough understanding of the great American work culture. For a 21st century bride, work is priority and she can’t go AWOL for too long. For others, India seems extremely far and culturally confusing. Harder still for others to take the long trek for different reasons. The service works unlike an e-commerce portal. It is highly personalised and tailor-made. In the first introductory email itself, the bride-to-be will receive an email from Nisha Kundnani, founder and director. We discuss ideas on phone, email, WhatsApp and exchange images and videos also over FaceTime. After placing orders, we deliver the goods in 3-4 working days at your doorstep anywhere in the world.

Fine Jewellery Shopping / Styling


Trousseau shopping consultancy

We may have spent our entire lives literally living in jeans and T-shirt but post marriage, most Indian girls become aware of their centuries-old traditions and heritage. It’s a kind of coming-of-age that’s most sharply reflected in the way a new bride dresses. It’s perhaps the cycle of life. You slow down and start appreciating the authentic, become comfortable in your skin and enjoy effortless clothes. The need to have a smartly curated Indian wardrobe post the wedding is almost like starting a new life. Like marriage, it’s the start of a meaningful journey. If you love Indian clothing and always want to look authentic and yet on point with Indian fashion, count on our trousseau shopping services. We curate a personalised a list of must-haves ranging from Banarsi saris, light lehengas (to wear for other people’s weddings) to polki jhumkas, to pashminas, to kaftans for honeymoons, to salwar kameezes – the whole universe which can conspire if you trust our taste-making vision. Your first Diwali, first anniversary, Indian essentials post wedding… we will have it all covered. Most of the times our clients are in touch with us, years after their wedding is over. The Indian families who shop with us, living in the US and Canada, are a close-knit community and celebrate festivals and weddings together. If you are such a family who regularly attends Indian weddings we will be happy to assist you at all these other events and milestones, too.

Shopping for the bridal party and family members

We envision our service as a one-stop destination, like a multi-designer store boasting something for everyone. Count on us to really care about what your bridal party will wear (yes, your only friend from high school, your closest colleague at work etc). Because the friendships that mean the world to you deserve special attention. So does the mother of the bride, maid of honour, flower girls and ring bearers. We love curating and putting together special outfits for everyone and are equipped to handle wok for large-scale weddings.

Beauty Styling and Consultation

It is the responsibility of a good stylist to curate an all-inclusive look that envisions the right hair and makeup for the bride. A vision is important, almost mandatory and that should come from the mind of a stylist. We love to enhance a woman’s style in surprising ways, gently encouraging her to try something about makeup that is outside her comfort zone. We recommend new ideas keeping in mind the bride’s personal taste. However, many times all the hard work can go all awry if the hair and makeup goes wrong on the main day. Therefore, it is essential to brief the makeup artist beforehand, do trials and know exactly what one needs to do. “Precision is key. Refinement is the ultimate goal. I obsess about how the makeup and hair of the bride should be styled. I always want to artfully filter beauty references that are innately her,” explains Nisha Kundnani.


Very often our clients from the US have noticed that Indian makeup artists from Bollywood are far superior in skills and understanding what works for Asian skin colours – fair, brown and olive skin tones. Just as much we enjoy shopping for clothes and jewellery, we have beauty consultants who can shop with you for your beauty trousseau. Understand what foundation works best closer to your skin tone, what products to use to blend and buy the right colours that look right on South Asian skin. What’s more, we arrange makeup trial session with renowned makeup artists to guide you on how to go about the above.

Elopement Shoot Styling

Our wedding styling consultancy has a sincere vertical for pre-wedding shoot styling services. We have launched ‘Bridelan Bijou’ with the express purpose of styling the couple for their most personal photo shoot. Bridelan Bijou helps brides who are busy, successful women on the go to create looks for the couple that will be as dreamy and stunning as the wedding itself. Our expertise lies in sourcing ultra-feminine outfits for the bride with classic styling solutions for the groom married to edgier accents.


You can rely on us to not just style (care for details from lehenga, gowns or anything you fancy) it but also on visual and creative direction. Bridelan Bijou is the aesthetics director. We scout exotic locales and put together the talent pool of the essential pillars such as photography, videography, hair/makeup, styling and location for your intimate and personal photos. The service also includes styling your engagement shoot, anniversary session, post-wedding shoot and elopement shoot.

Creative and Aesthetic Direction

A creative person is someone who has a refined eye for visuals. Someone who is knowledgeable and is curious about all kinds of mediums, be it cinema, art, fashion, photography, travel, architecture and so on. Our styling skills can also be extended to the larger umbrella of Creative Direction. Our stylists, especially founder Nisha Kundnani, has an informed taste in all things related to weddings. We have a gift for crafting unique styles and looks that go beyond wardrobe, clothes and jewellery. Very often our clients solicit our suggestions on the ‘Wedding Style’, the ‘Aesthetics’, ‘The Essence’ and ‘The Poetry’. From South Asians living in LA, San Francisco, Canada and UK, we get queries on contributing to the larger picture of the wedding. We do not call ourselves wedding planners or wedding decorators. But we love to bring refined beauty and aesthetics to your big day. Aesthetics is a careful construction and seamless execution that includes envisioning the flower arrangement, the textures of wedding upholstery, handpicking the paper goods, giving a mood and tone to the overall decor. If god is in the details, we play god’s advocate to make the wedding what we call an ‘aesthetics success.’

Brand Consultancy

Brands are built on a strong identity. And identity, in turn, is a result of values, ideas, equity, consistency and public image. We are a team of experts who can advise you on shaping your company’s identity, via content, visual documentation, social media strategies and digital solutions. If you are a fashion or jewellery designer, do write to us to avail this service.

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