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What does styling entail?

Styling is a specialized service that involves an expert to create a unique look for you based on your personality. It includes extensive planning/research, personal shopping and knowing where to buy the right thing etc. But more important, it's our personal experience in this field, taste and intuition that drives styling.

I don't like shopping and can never find what suits me best. What to do?

Let us assure you that this problem is not unique to you. It happens to everyone. Shopping is an exhausting and confusing exercise. With a Professional at your service, the key is to find a wedding dress you love and one which loves you back-basically, something that complements your body type. A stylist helps you put together your dream wedding wardrobe in one - tenth the time.

Do you help with complete trousseau styling?

Trousseau is an integral part of the wedding wardrobe and it would be our pleasure putting it together for you. It should be a blend of traditional, contemporary, formal, casual and honeymoon outfits.

Do you also style men in the family?

Yes we do. We understand the techniques of men’s were tailoring and have a sharp eye for details and refined styling.

Can you offer make-up and hair consultations?

We believe make - up and hair are crucial aspects of the wedding look. We consider it a part of our overall vision.

How does it work for brides living outside India? Can they avail of your services?

Yes, of course. We do consultations over phone, email and Skype Exchanges. Moreover, personal shopping session can be arranged at your convenience on your visits to India.

Do you travel to the wedding destination to supervise styling on the wedding day?

The stylist's presence is the most important part of the exercise. We offer to travel to any part of the world to ensure everything goes smoothly. This can be worked it out in the overall package.

How much does this approximately cost?

Every wedding's vision and budget is different.We can do a customized packaging depending on the needs and requirements of each individual. for more details, please feel free to drop us an email.